How We Help

CYANs have been helping young people with allergies since 1945.

There are over a dozen Centres for Young Persons with Allergies spread all over the country.

The first Centre was opened in 1945. In the aftermath of World War II, the UK finally had the chance to consolidate their struggling Healthcare system. Part of this job included finding a way of dealing with the seeming outbreak of allergies amongst children, who had come into contact with new allergens when they’d been evacuated.

For the first time in English health history, doctors were being given a chance to pay more attention to their patients than ever before so that the dwindling health of the general public could finally be seen to.

It was discovered that more people than ever before were struggling on a daily basis with allergies.

Pet owners were constantly sneezing, children were covered in hives and new conditions were being discovered every day.

The more allergens and conditions that were discovered, the more Centres needed to be opened – soon the network was formed, with each Centre specialising in a particular form of allergen so that the network as a whole could best tackle the problem.

With over a dozen Centres nationwide, we’ve never been better equipped to deal with allergens as we have right here – right now.