Bloating, Burgers, Cooker Spares & Oven Cleaning

Are you feeling bloated?

Although CYANS was started to specifically help out young people who have issues with allergies, over the years we have had to adopt our outreach pattern as more and more adult folks have got in contact with us asking for help.

Our bodies can develop new responses to allergies at any point in our lives which which means that people of all ages are affected by allergies. Once an allergy has been discovered it tends to stick with the individual for life, which is why it’s often better to discover them earlier in life.

As we get older we tend to form stronger habits which can make adapting to a new allergy difficult, especially if they’re centred around something that we love to eat. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for adults to identify representing symptoms as allergies. A sudden bout of diarrhoea, difficulties breathing or fatigue can be blamed on any number of things – usually the last thing you’re going to do is assume that the breakfast that you’ve been eating everyday for a decade is no longer compatible with your body.

Jeff Pullman, a travelling repairs and cleaning technician got in contact with us a few weeks ago to ask our advice about a particular issues that he’d been grappling with for a while:

The internet is a real nightmare for worriers like me.

My job is a peculiar one, it caters to the obsessives of the country who can’t cope with saying goodbye to their beloved domestic appliances. I fix and clean obsolete fridges, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers for a living. In order to do my job I rely on a number of companies to supply me with all the spare parts that I need to fix up my customers’ machines; everything from Belling cooker hood filters to New World cooker knobs and Stoves oven filaments.

The first bout of bloating took me completely by surprise whilst I was driving home from doing some oven cleaning in Bicester. It had been a busy week, travelling all around the country picking up bits and pieces from warehouses and visiting dozens of homes; needless to say I was looking forward to getting home for the weekend. On my way back and with a couple of hours left to go, I stopped at a roadside services to indulge myself in a regular Friday treat: a double-cheeseburger from one of the two world renowned fast-food chains. I’d never felt ill from eating at this place before, but within an hour of leaving the service station I was hit by a horrendous bout of bloating, something that I’d never experienced before.

Before I knew it I was wrestling with my belt, desperately trying to give my stomach room to expand. I had no reprieve for the entire drive home, by the time I reached my destination I was exhausted and still no less bloated than before. I barely slept that night and ended up hunched in front of my laptop still unable to shake the gas, researching what could have caused such an adverse reaction in my body. By the morning I’d determined not to ignore these symptoms and booked in with my local GP.

I’m yet to get to the bottom of what’s causing my bloating, but with tests in the pipeline I’m looking forward to finding out if I can eat a double-cheeseburger again without the fear of causing another bout of bloating…