Ranking on google’s first page

If you are in the SEO business and want your company to be the best SEO company London, it is essential to know how to improve the Google index ranking of your website.

So here are a few basic steps to rank on the first page of Google

Know Your Keywords:

It is important to know the keywords that matter to your business and use them efficiently on your webpage and your domain name. Suppose you are an SEO services company in London, you need to have keywords like SEO company in london, or London SEO services provider near you in the UK on the first page, titles and meta tags of your website. But do remember that you do not want to stuff your keywords on your site as keyword stuffing reduces your Google page ranking.

Emphasize on Your Location:

It is necessary for you to include the location of your business and address the details of your office on your website. Emphasizing on location helps to improve your page ranking by displaying your site in organic search results, whenever an individual searches for services in your neighbourhood.

Improve the User experience of your site:

Your site needs to be both mobile, tablet and PC friendly, and your site loading time needs to be optimum. Sites with longer loading time and difficult interface do not get higher ranking on Google. You need to ensure your website is responsive and provides seamless navigation for users so that they keep coming back increasing your site traffic.

Display Unique Content:

You need to make sure that your site displays unique and original content free from plagiarism, that is relevant to the domain of your business. Plagiarized sites can get penalized and lose their ranking on Google. You also need to ensure that your website displays informative content and answers users queries; this will also help to increase your site traffic.